GMS Times 5th Feb 2012
Gowtham Hyd - Co Screening Test (10.30 am 12.00 pm) and Main Test (2 pm to 4.30 pm) on 06-02-2011. Exam Centers: Hyderabad .

“ When I saw my son report card and how much he improved I am happy for Gowtham being by my side.”
Sandeep. P
TestaDay, CEO

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Transforming lives by igniting minds through education of global stature

Gowtham commenced its successful journey in early 1980’s with a long term vision of providing quality education of global stature. By fostering creativity, learning and individual development, the name Gowtham evolved into a respectable icon of excellence. Living up to the confidence and expectations of all its students and parents, Gowtham has as emerged as a catalyst to uplift the education sector.

It has brought about a transformation that has benefited thousands of students and their families. From a succession of quality schools to international school and junior colleges, it has continued to spearhead its educational efforts and grow. Today, Gowtham is one happy family in which care, support and mutual respect flourishes in the 74 schools and 10 junior colleges across the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Gowtham Model Schools

Gowtham Model School – Integrating Technology in Education to make our students “Future Ready”

Providing global class education in a nurturing and fostering environment has been the purpose of Gowtham Model Schools since its inception. Envisioned by a team of four visionaries who were unsatisfied with the education being offered at that time, Gowtham began its journey in 1984 with a pioneering vision of transforming lives through knowledge.
Over the years, the name Gowtham has evolved into one of the leading schools in this part of the continent. Through its transformative initiatives, the school has set the standards for quality schooling as well. The academic accolades at state and national level competitive exams and extra-curricular distinctions earned by its students highlight how successful has been the endeavour of its founders.

Advanced Computer labs

All GMS schools have the latest computer labs supported by high speed Internet. This enables students to learn about computers and be up to date with the latest happening across the world.

Digital Classrooms

To ensure better conceptual understanding, GMS has digitized the syllabus so that students see concepts in Video format.

English Language labs

English is the base of our student’s success. GMS has tied up with BBC to ensure that it has the latest Language labs which enable students to learn English.

Video Conferencing

Almost all schools face problem of teachers leaving or good teachers not being available. GMS has found a technology solution to this problem through Video conferencing across all its schools. Any GMS school can connect to any other GMS school as well as the head office through video. Thus if any teacher is absent, trained teachers from Central office are able to conduct the same class.

Information sharing with parents through Computers

GMS parents are able to access their access their children's marks, attendance, and over performance though GMS website. Also students can compare their performance across all GMS schools using GMS software.

SMS based Information system:

All information regarding changes in schedule, bandhs etc are communicated to parents in advance though GMS comprehensive Mobile based parent reach software.

GMS helps students master the Written & Spoken English

BBC partners with GMS to establish English language labs

In today's globalised world, knowing English is a must. Being aware of this need, GMS has worked with BBC to develop the best English Language teaching software for students. BBC Active is a mix of self-learning and classroom sessions to give students the freedom to learn at their own pace, complete with access to unique, well-researched learning material. The software provides students with a rich multimedia learning experience, using audio and video clips during classes, and adds excitement to learning. The multimedia component also analyses and rates their progress, providing valuable feedback.
The Global Speaker Edge will teach students to speak English with a neutral accent that can be understood by people from any country. Mrs Rao a 4th Std parents says” I want my child to speak good English. It is very important in getting a job or going aboard so I am very happy that BBC has helped GMS introduce this.” The BBC lab focuses also on Language enrichment which is improvement in English grammar. The Language lab also has soft skills for communication, situation-based usage of concepts and focuses on enhancing verbal communication skills through free speech, role plays, activities and interaction. Speech enhancement, Focusing on topics like speech sounds, pronunciation, voice modulation accent correction and listening are also part of the course. Shanaz adds about her daughter Razia “My child is slow in learning English but with the BBC language lab she can learn at his own pace along with computer, and repeat the same lesson over and over again until she has understood it fully. This allows her to be up to speed with the rest of the class”. All GMS teachers are regularly trained by BBC active to ensure that they are up to date with the latest changes in the software and can access. Apart from this GMS also helps students speak by displaying English movies with subtitles, thus e n a b l i n g s t u d e n t s t o p i c k u p conversational English.


The schools provide all the opportunities and encouragement needed for students to excel academically as well as in extra-curricular fields.


Gowtham has gained an excellent reputation through the outstanding achievements of its students.

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Orchid's School

ORCHIDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL World-class education at the heart of its vision

With world-class education at the heart of its vision, Orchids International School was created in 2002. A brainchild of Gowtham Educational Institutions Group, Orchids International School lays importance on creative and liberal thinking in honing a child’s innate skills. The school strives to constantly encourage the children to stay curious as there is no better way of learning than self-discovery.
Affiliated with IBO and CBSE Boards from pre-primary to 10th standard, a broad spectrum of further enrichment activities help students develop confidence and leadership qualities, communication skills, as well as self-belief. The school is conveniently located in the heart of the city close to Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills in the Madhapur area.
The values for development of children at Orchids International School, Hyderabad, are more than just a statement - they are a way of life:

  • Development of self-esteem
  • Induction of responsibility and morality
  • Harnessing of optimising academic, leadership and creative potential
  • Development of critical, analytical and independent thinking
  • Education by mentoring

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Gowtham Junior Colleges

Imparting contemporary knowledge through varied specialisations

Gowtham Junior College is affiliated to the Board of Intermediate Education Andhra Pradesh. The period of two years here provide its students the needed academic, vocational and professional knowledge for transiting into a higher level of education – namely University Degree and to professional courses. The institution has invested in educational excellence with the finest of faculty, modern infrastructure and access to wide-spread knowledge to emerge as one of the finest colleges in India.
With measurable milestones guiding its path and meticulous planning to fully authenticate its efforts - Gowtham Junior College has achieved performance that's on par only with international class institutions. To begin with it has contributed more to the society in terms of benefits provided through its superlative education at reasonable costs.
Coming to the commitment aspect, Gowtham Junior College founders and faculty members are totally dedicated for continuous improvement to set new standards of excellence. With a conscientious and concerted effort, the team constantly delivers tangible results that reflect in academic accolades earned by its students year after year.

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